A very warm welcome to our new group of 1st Year girls who joined the school community on Friday, August 23rd. The girls enjoyed an initial two-day Induction Programme with their Year Head Mrs Craven and members of the Guidance Team; Mr Hardiman, Ms Doyle and Ms Madden. They were also expertly introduced to Bower life by a number of 6th year volunteers who selflessly gave up two days of their summer holidays to help the new students settle in.

The girls got to spend time getting to know new classmates, explore the corridors while they were quiet and practice their locker combinations.

3While the girls were getting comfortable in their new surroundings, parents and guardians were invited to the school library for a coffee morning.

On Tuesday, August 27th the students took part in a Transition Programme. This allowed them to learn a little more about the history and traditions of the Bower and LSU community.

Since then, it has been lovely to see the girls getting involved in the many extra-curricular activities, clubs and groups available to them in the Bower.



We are also looking forward to the evening of Thursday September 26th when we will welcome the girls and their families to the school to celebrate our 1st Year Wellbeing Mass with our new Chaplain; Fr Pierre Pepper.