Congratulations to Fifth Year Kylie Chen who was joint first and TY student Sophie Halligan who came second in this year’s Languages Pathways competition, which aims to highlight how languages offer a portal to global opportunities.

Languages Pathways, part of TU Dublin, invited secondary school students to comment on the Persian proverb which states that a new language is a new life.

Students could submit a photo with audio in their chosen foreign language or a short video showing how they have benefited from learning a new language. Kylie drew upon her personal experience in learning English and then French. She spoke of how she has already used her French during her school tour to Paris and how watching French programmes such as The Voice France has opened up a whole new medium for her.

The awards ceremony on Monday March 8th was a virtual one where the girls got the opportunity to visit the university’s language hub. Both Kylie and Sophie will receive gift vouchers for their winning entries, both of which can be viewed on the school’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Well done girls.