Special Educational Needs

Our Lady’s Bower welcomes girls with learning difficulties. The school, in accordance with our Admissions Policy, caters for girls with a general learning difficulty. It endeavours to provide for their needs by facilitating their participation in Second Level Education.

The resource classroom  is equipped with ten computers with high speed internet access, a trolley with sixteen laptops and an overhead projector.

The school continually seeks to support this specially designed curriculum that incorporates literacy and numeracy skills and personal development. Many students aspire to complete a Junior Cert programme which best suits their ability. Students within the mainstream classes who have been diagnosed with a specific learning difficulty may receive extra tuition in some subject areas.

Students in mainstream education with a learning impairment can benefit from resources such as interactive whiteboards, individual ipads, video and recording devices and an integrated sound system.

For girls diagnosed with a Physical, Hearing, Visual or Specific learning difficulty Reasonable Accommodations are applied for in Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate from the Department of Education and Skills.

Special Education Team 2017-2018

Mr Noel Casey

Ms Karina Jones

Ms Michelle Costello

Ms Margaret Treacy

Ms Phil Ruane

Ms Anne Beades

Ms Lorraine Kavanagh

Ms Chris Hand

Ms Joan Ormsby