Congratulations to 6th Year Anneline Koopmans, who reached the Grand Final of this year’s Relove Fashion Competition. This is an award-winning competition which encourages students to take a deeper look at how their clothing is made and offers an opportunity for them to design a unique piece of sustainable fashion. Anneline was one of 18 finalists chosen from hundreds of entries.

The materials Anneline used for her outfit were sourced from an old Santa suit she found at home and a pair of unwanted jeans. The items she used were made from denim and felt. Anneline feels it is important to make the fashion industry more sustainable, as the production and use of clothing has horrible effects on the environment. “If we don’t do something about global warming soon, it will lead to disastrous events in the near future”. She believes that we can heavily reduce emissions with a little bit of hard work. She suggests having researchers find and test different types of fabric made from sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. She also highlights that we can help by buying clothing from thrift stores more often, by giving unwanted clothing to friends and family or charity shop instead of throwing it away, and by upcycling our old clothes.

Well done Anneline. This was a fantastic achievement, showcasing your creativity and passion for sustainable fashion.