Congratulations to 5th Year Amy Zhao, who received a special merit award in the 67th Texaco Children’s Art Competition for her piece entitled “Ring”. Amy has had fantastic success in the competition to date. She won the 12-13 age category in 2017, received a special merit award in 2018 and came 2nd in last year’s 14-15 age category.

This year’s creation was inspired by a French photographer’s photo seen online. Amy was intrigued by the model’s interesting facial expression and used her favourite medium of charcoal and pencil to create her piece. She used charcoal powder and a make-up sponge to create wonderful texture and shading in the background, before adding the detail and definition of the figure in pencil.

Amy focuses on still-life and portraits and is currently putting great effort into her portfolio, which will be used when making applications to Art colleges at home and abroad in 6th Year. Her teacher, Mrs Kelly is so proud of Amy’s achievements to date and is excited to see her continue to hone her skills throughout her Senior Cycle.