Arts week 2019 was such a memorable occasion for all in the Bower and we are so proud to now have a lasting reminder of our festival of creativity taking pride of place at the entrance to the school. For the duration of Arts Week the school building was transformed into an art gallery and creative space and that was very much evident in the 5th year area, as Offaly-based mosaic artist Aidan Byrne expertly guided our students through the creation of a spectacular piece which encapsulates a very special message for our girls –

“We celebrate the hearts that inspired and the hands that created our mosaic. Each piece unique and irreplaceable, like each of our Bower girls, each piece completing our school’s story. May the prayers of the LSU sisters and past generations of Bower girls guide our current students on their way. As they forge new pathways and bridge new worlds, may they be courageous.

Fly free, soar high, may they carry their dreams and talents to distant places and peoples. Soar with joy; confident and connected. Knowing now, that as their boughs strengthen and reach out to embrace new horizons, their roots remain entwined with ours.

Just as the Shannon waters flow quietly by and feed into the world’s great oceans, may life’s meanders carry them to their full potential. They carry within them the seeds of greatness – the jewel stones. May these seeds flourish and blossom so that they may make their indelible mark on the waiting world”.

We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to Aidan for working with our girls in the creation of such a beautiful piece of art that has already become a focal point within the school. We look forward to sharing the message contained within this piece and using it as a visual representation, to explain the hopes we have for each of our Bower girls for many years to come.