The past 12 months have been extremely productive for 6th Year Ashling McCarthy. 5th Year saw her top the in-house preliminary round for the 2020 Irish Maths Olympiad. She took to the national stage last summer and finished 25th overall. This secured her an invite to a British competition which took place in November 2020. Further participation in 2021 saw her gain a spot on the Irish team for the European Girls Olympiad in Georgia. Evenings and weekends were busy in preparation for the competition, with online classes and training alongside teammates and coaches from the Maths Department at Trinity College Dublin. She was extremely proud to represent Ireland on the European stage and the whole experience has made her even more focused towards studying Maths at TCD on completion of her Leaving Cert. All in OLB are very proud of her achievements to date and wish her every success in pursuing her chosen path.