On February 12th, one month to the day after the Haitian earthquake, the students of 2U presented Sr Maria Hawkes with a wheelbarrow full of brown coins to the value of €1,562.

Sr. Maria is a sister in the LSU order who had been living in the Bower convent before heading off to Haiti last September to work in the LSU run Nutrition/Education centre on the island. On a visit to the school, she explained to the girls what it had been like to live through the earthquake and why she is determined to return to Haiti after a period of rest.

The brown coins, which are of very little value to us and are often thrown away like rubbish, will mean everything to the Haitian children at the LSU projects when converted to Haitian dollars.  Three empty water dispensers were used to collect the coins in the school and families and friends willingly parted with long hoarded coins to realise the surprising amount of €1,562. Prizes were awarded to those who guessed the amount of coins in one dispenser, with Sarah Lough coming very close to the final figure.

The students and Sr. Maria would like to thank all who contributed and the Bower girls have pledged to help the Haitian victims on a long term basis. Already they have several fundraising ventures in the pipeline!

Haiti Photo