The School was very proud to see 7 Bower projects make their way to this year’s Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition in the RDS, which took place from January 8th-11th. Each of the exhibitors were busily putting the finishing touches to their projects over the Christmas break in order that they were well prepared for the very many members of the public and judges who would be visiting their stands to find out about their exciting research.

6th Year Leah Shaw presented her project “Citrus Peel” which saw her investigate the usefulness of citrus peels as a possible solution to drought caused by global warming. Leah received much media attention, appearing alongside Brenda Donohue on TV3’s Today with Maura and Dáithí and featuring in an article by RTE’s Science and Environmental Correspondent; George Lee. Her project was awarded 3 prizes – The Trinity College Global Initiative Award, 2nd place in the Senior Individual Biological and Ecological category and a Display Award.

5th Years Orla Cuffe and Ivana Devery’s project was entitled “Can Holly Make Your Farm Jolly?” The girls were inspired by a traditional cure or what may have thought by some to be an old wives tale, which saw people hang sprigs of holly in a stable or shed used to house farm animals, in order to prevent the contraction and spread of ringworm. As a result of the girls’ solid research and the development of a holly-based spray, they have confirmed the medicinal properties and scientific value of this traditional remedy.

TY Nirmitha Premnath’s project “Allergy Alert” saw this coding whizz develop a food safety app, which allows the user to quickly scan the ingredients of a food item in order to be alerted to products they should avoid. Nirmitha, as a strict vegetarian, knows the struggles consumers can be faced with when trying to decipher food labels. This user-friendly app makes the process of food shopping simple and convenient for all possible dietary requirements.

TY Marina Caballero reached the RDS with “Ultrasonic Vision Assistant”. This project saw Marina develop a device suitable for the visually impaired. The device, worn on the user’s head, contains a sensor which beeps, increasing in speed and volume, as the wearer approaches potential obstacles.

TY Clare Reidy presented the project “Can Singapore Bar Models Help Simplify Chemistry?” Clare tapped into her year group when carrying out her research, as she surveyed their understanding of chemical compounds, comparing the teaching method used in Singapore with that currently used in the Irish education system. Clare’s project attracted a lot of attention from chemistry teachers present at the event, all eager to visit her stand to find out more. She was awarded 2nd place in the Intermediate Individual Social and Behavioural category.

2nd Years Arlene Devery, Ciara Fallon and Marie Flatley’s project was entitled “Reeling in the Years”. The girls developed their coding skills by creating an app that could possibly lessen the stress and jog the memories of those living with dementia. The girls also featured on the RTE Six One News as confidently and expertly explained the workings of their app and the possibilities it could provide to potential users. The girls took 3rd place in the Junior Group Technology category.

2nd years Jessica Collins, Eimear Gillen and Mollie McDonnell’s project “Bio Gum” was inspired by a workshop they participated in during First Year. The girls’ eyes were opened to the damage caused and the costly clean-up process that is required as a result of chewing gum litter. They worked hard at developing a formula and method for making biodegradable gum that tastes good and does not impact negatively on the environment. They too received a display award from the judging panel.