career1The vast majority of our school leavers go to University and Third Level Colleges. The Careers Department supports them in their subject choice, study methods and exam techniques.

The world of work is explored and senior girls have individual meetings with the school’s Guidance Counsellors where future options are assessed. Transition Year students participate in three weeks work experience. In Personal Development classes, students are assisted in coping with difficulties and anxieties and are helped mature in a positive way.


  • Work experience is a key component of many of the programmes on offer in Our Lady’s Bower.
  • Benefit for student:
  • Learn about the world of work and work places in general.
  • Get an insight into a particular career by exploring one or more careers.
  • Grow as and individual and get an insight into themselves.
  • Develop skills or learn new skills.
  • Gain important information for CV’s etc e.g. referees, skills.
  • The goal of work experience is to learn by reflecting on students own experience.

career-study-skillscarEach year a Study Skills Seminar is held for Junior Cycle girls and all students are invited to make use of the extensive materials available in the Careers Library. Guidance is also offered in the form of career talks by visiting specialists, career conferences and visits to third level colleges.

  • A study skills seminar is available to 5th and 2nd year students each year, which is sponsored by the Parents Association of Our Lady’s Bower.
  • Study skills are important to aid learning and to help students to achieve desired results.
  • It offers advice on setting goals, managing your study, effective note taking, exam techniques, memory improvement, effective reading skills, study methods etc.
    The Guidance Department publishes a regular Careers Newsletter where all necessary and relevant information is obtained.

Useful Careers Websites:

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Links to British college websites – UCAS:

Further Education:

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