Tuesday October 13th marked a special day for Our Lady’s Bower. On this date in 1801 the La Sainte Union’s founder, Fr Jean Baptiste Debrabant was born. Debrabant Day was celebrated in the school with the community calling to mind our La Sainte Union foundations and joining with our fellow LSU schools in t

he UK and Tanzania to mark our shared traditions and ethos. A message from our LSU sisters was read during the first lesson. Students and staff were reminded that during the cholera outbreak in France, Fr Debrabant knew the suffering of his local community. His caring spirit and compassion came to the fore. These qualities have been passed down through the La Sainte Union Sisters and during this difficult time of pandemic, these same qualities are evident in LSU schools and we are proud to say in Bower girls also. The students got the opportunity to see what life is like in other LSU schools in the UK and Tanzania with the screening of a short movie. Head girls Ella Mears and Rebecca Norris spoke with LSU Sisters on a zoom call during which they found out about the work the Sisters have been involved in since beginning their vocations. Student representatives; Ljiljana Batricevic, Rebecca Collins and Ebun Jamgbadi then took part in a zoom call with fellow LSU students from the UK and Tanzania. They shared stories of Bower life and the various ways they live out the LSU ethos as Bower girls.