The Alpha deBata Society held a lively and entertaining lunchtime debate on Monday May 21st where the house believed students get too much homework.
debate stff teamThe brave teacher team sent into the lion’s den included Mrs Treacy, Mr Browne and Mr Fitzgerald. Mrs Treacy highlighted the economic value homework provides through the sale of copies, teachers purchasing reading glasses and getting the most out of teachers’ wages through time spent on corrections. Mr Browne emphasised the social benefits with homework preventing anti-social behaviour. Mr Fitzgerald ended with an impassioned sports analogy where homework builds character just like the cold January nights on the training pitch to get players ready for championship games.
The student side of Zanib Kahn, Lamide Olaoye and Rebecca Armstrong didn’t pull any punches. They highlighted the indoctrination of students through homework and the impact of homework on students’ mental health.
4 debateThe floor got in on the act with some strong points being made by Jenny Dolan, Aishling Gillen and Daniella Obikoya. Mr Casey even made his voice heard from the floor when he questioned the impartiality of the chair….Claire Lemass’ bell ringing caused some to speculate as to whether the teachers were always going to come out on the losing side. The confiscation of said bell by Mr Fitz caused a rousing show of support from the teachers in the audience.
It was a great performance by both sides. Thank goodness the homework is over for another year. The debate can be put to bed….for a few months at least! Well done to all.
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