It was lovely to weDisability 1lcome Katie Bourke back to the school to work with our TYs. Katie is the founder of Adaptable Solutions and an advocate for accessibility and equality.

Three days of fun, engaging and educational workshops were held aimed at raising disability awareness within the year group. The practical workshops saw students take on every-day tasks that might ordinarily be straightforward were it not for the removal of some of their senses and or motor skills.

One activity saw the students blindfolded and experience the challenges that are met on a daily basis by the visually Disability 2impaired. This activity also developed the students’ communications skills as they guided their blindfolded classmates through particular challenges. In the afternoon the ability to walk was taken away from the girls as they attempted to master the use of wheelchairs. While the girls may have been under the impression that using a wheelchair was simple, this misconception was quickly realised as they took part in relay races.Disability Awareness

The workshop was of huge benefit to all students who became aware of the daily barriers that disabled people can face. They now know the importance of breaking down these barriers to increase accessibility and equality in society.

Thank you again to Katie and we look forward to her next visit.