Our annual Francovision ComBest Costume Francovisionpetition was held in March, the month of La Francophonie, in which French language and culture is celebrated. The competition was open to 2nd year students of French and was filled with talent and entertainment; with singing, dancing and sketches being performed for the gathered audience. Each group represented a different French-speaking country, with two representatives from each class making up the judging panel.

Congratulations to our winners, representing Switzerland, Niamh 1st FrancovisionJordan and Robyn Sweeney, who performed a French version of Queens’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” with sign language. In 2nd place were Paula Akazar, Cristina Muriel Cagigal and Daniella Gimenez, representing France with a very funny and ironic sketch about talent contests. Maria Canto, Grace Creaton Doheny, Shauna Jameson and Sarah Skelly, representing Haiti, came third with their song about farm animals to the melody of Soulja Boy. Best Costume went to Orlaith Craven, Hannah Duffy and Suzanna O’Connor with their homage to 90’s boyband Backstreet Boys. It was a great afternoon. Tout le monde s’est amuse!