The Science department ensured that our Bower girls experienced a variety of engaging and fun learning activities throughout Science Week (Nov. 8th – 12th) once again this year.

Daily quizzes allowed both junior and senior students to show off their science knowledge and to be in with a chance of winning canteen vouchers.

1st and 2nd Years got the chance to revise some of their Junior Cycle course with science bingo games and, also took part in a clothes swap, organised by TYs and 2nd Years to highlight the importance of sustainability.

Students also took part in construction and engineering challenges to see who could build the tallest paper towers without using adhesive. The school’s paper recycling bins were used for raw materials.

1st, 2nd and TYs experienced the sweeter side of science with a DIY ice-cream making activity to understand how salt lowers the melting point of ice. This was followed by an online talk on the science of chocolate. TYs also attended an online event hosted by The Royal College of Surgeons (Rotunda Obstetrics and Gynaecology) which featured female doctors, nurses and scientists who told their stories about their career paths and how they got into the field of STEM. They discussed the hurdles they faced as women in the field and took time to answer lots of interesting questions.

TYs kept an eye on the ReelLIFE SCIENCE website for the announcement of this year’s video competition winners. The girls really enjoyed producing their 3-minute educational videos, which also enabled them to develop their communication and digital skills.

The week also saw senior students Clare Reidy and Hannah Duffy present their entries in this year’s Scifect National final. Results will be announced in the coming weeks and we wish both girls every success.