20190504_165309On Monday, April 29th, an eager group of 44 Bower girls set out for Westport to complete the final part of their Gaisce challenge – a three-day hike along the Western Greenway. After a quick pep-talk from their PAL and with blister plasters in toe, the group made their way to the trail head – Achill Sound.  As they drove past their destination for day one, followed by the half-way point, the reality of the distance to be covered began to set in!20190504_170027

After just over two hours, they arrived at Mulranny Park Hotel – they had made it half way. After some obligatory stretching and a well-deserved spot of lunch, the group got back on track, turned on the tunes and made their way to Tiernaur to complete the first day’s leg.

The second day saw the group walk from Tiernaur to Westport with the half-way point the beautiful village of Newport. The girls got very excited when they saw the small railway shelter which marked the end of the Greenway. Many immediately regretted the sprint they made to ring the bell, forgetting they still had to make their way back to the hostel!

20190504_165802The group completed their 50kms with a lovely walk out to the port on their final morning. With beautiful sunshine and Croagh Patrick visible in the background, it made for great group shot.

Leaving a wafting trail of Deep Heat, they boarded the train and headed for home, all looking forward to receiving their medals on Awards Day.