20181127_185138On Tuesday Nov. 20th our 5th years travelled to the Burren, Co. Clare to experience features of the Aillwee Caves and the limestone pavement at Black Head. The girls are currently studying rocks as part of their Leaving Cert course and they got the opportunity to see the features they have been learning about and the processes of weathering and erosion first-hand. The girls took plenty of notes and asked lots of questions to aid their understanding of the topic.


While the 5th years were braving the elements, our 6th year group 20181127_185025participated in a geography quiz, hosted by Marist College. Here’s where the students got to test their knowledge and understanding of their course and use the event to aid their revision for their upcoming Christmas exams! The students from Marist College were victorious on Tuesday, however our 5th years attended for round two on Friday 23rd and the combined forces of Kate Derwin, Tara Flanagan and Aoife O’Brien came away victorious. A big thank you to the staff and students of Marist College for hosting the event. Fun was had by all.