scifest1The inaugural SciFest@School in Our Lady’s Bower took place on Friday, 9 March. It was a resounding success with seventy six students from first year to sixth year presenting thirty eight projects. Girls mad about STEM indeed! It was great to see that there was a mighty buzz in the exhibition area.

Science teachers Julie Anne Greaney, Ellen Maguire and Ethna Benson can take credit for the huge work involved in organising the festival, while we can thank the tireless Sheila Porter who initiated the Scifest concept and travelled down to judge the projects. Many thanks also to our other judges for giving up their time.

Sixth year Tierna Maguire was first in the senior category with her project on cancer, Katie Commins and Alicia Lawless first in the intermediate section (Adaptive L and N Plates) while Nirmitha Premnath was first in the junior with her award winning ‘Cultivation on Oceans’.

Here is the full list of awards:


1st-  Tierna Maguire ‘Marinating Your Way Around Cancer’scifest3

2nd – Eimear Bohan & Katie Ward ‘Active Ingredients in Anti Dandruff Shampoos


1st – Katie Commins & Alicia Lawless ‘Adaptive L & N Plates’

2nd –  Paula Basco,, Sofia Fernandes & Alejandra Felix  ‘How Much Sugar Do We Consume?’


1st – Nirmitha Premnath ‘Cultivation on Oceans’

2nd – Maria McLynn,, Rebecca Coffey & Katie Boyle ‘You Can Save the Planet’scifest7

Social Science Award: Mia Samovich

Agricultural Science award: Millie O’Brien, Eimear Galvin & Hannah Lennon ‘Lamb Watch’

Student Choice: Daniella Okiboya, Lamide Olaoye & Erifa Jamgbadi ‘Saved By the Beep’


scifest2    scifest5