Our TYs have had a busy year to date. They are currently upping the ante with their preparations for this year’s musical production of “Greese” and putting the finishing touches to their designs for this year’s Junk Kouture competition. Prior to Christmas break the year group enjoyed two very different but equally active and enjoyable workshops which saw them try their hands at hair styling and percussion.

Dave Day from Jabba Jabba Jembe introduced the group to his high energy interactive drumming workshop. This was a fantastic learning experience for the girls and great insight into the cultural background of the instruments and their use in traditional music. The girls were taught rhythms and drumming skills. They engaged in ear training through fun rhythm games and exercises. The lively workshop provided the girls with the opportunity to boost co-ordination and increase unity, co-operation and energy within the group and all thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

We also welcomed hair-stylist Anne Reilly back to the school for the girls to participate in the always popular “Rootine” workshop. Anne arrived with her trusty supply of mannequin heads for the girls to learn general hair care and practice various intricate up-styles and plaiting techniques. This was another enjoyable workshop and on completion the girls were very excited to continue to practice their newly acquired skills.

Thank you to Dave and Anne for once again facilitating these workshops and we look forward to welcoming back to the school in the future.