The Alpha deBata Society held its first lunchtime sessions on Wednesday Sept. 19th. Both senior and junior groups met and used the opportunity to welcome new members and explain the purpose of the group – It aims to “Develop the free expression of ideas through debating so that knowledge can be gained and minds changed”. The society holds interesting and sometimes heated meetings. The meetings have been greatly supAlpha Debataported by both staff and students. The topics debated vary from trivial and humorous motions to more sensitive social and moral issues. During the meetings the debate is not just between the two teams but the motion is thrown to the floor so that the audience gets the opportunity to participate. Students are encouraged to attend the meetings with an optimistic mind; open to change. The senior society will meet every Wednesday while the juniors will meet every Friday. All new members are encouraged to come along and give it a go. The society encourages free thinking, self-expression and helps each Bower Girl to build on essential life skills whether it be their presentation skills or merely being able to intelligently argue a topic.


Book Club

The school’s senior and junior Book Clubs are getting stuck into their first reads of the year with the juniors reading “Eleanor and PBook Clubark” by Rainbow Rowell and the seniors reading “The Call” by Peadar O’Guilín. The Book Club provides the students with the opportunity to read for pleasure and engage in great conversations. It’s a wonderful way to develop imagination and the girls love the chance to sit in the quiet space of the school library and get lost in the unfolding plots of their chosen texts.


Green Schools

There was a great turnout for the first meeting of the Green Schools’ Committee. Students gathered and brainstormed possible actions to be taken throughout the year. It was lovely to see all year groups beGreen Schoolsing represented, sharing ideas and working towards a common goal. The girls have carried out a litter survey and are raising awareness in relation to waste around our school and possible strategies for reducing it. This will work towards the school receiving its first Green Flag. In addition they will be working on a campaign to ban single use plastic bottles and running a competition for student-designed posters. The committee will also be working closely with Athlone Tidy Towns, developing links with the wider community and other secondary schools in the area.