Blackmore Shieldblackmore

The Bower first year A hockey team demolished a valiant Grammar team on their own turf on Tuesday, 6 March in the Connacht Blackmore Shield.

Although stiff after the long trip up to Sligo, the Bower girls got into the game quickly and play remained very much on their sticks. Well into the first half, Emma Gallagher blocked a hit out, dribbled and scored the first goal.

In the second half the Sligo Grammar team held off the Bower girls for a while until a long corner from Erika Lowe to Lucy Delaney resulted in a goal. Emma Gallagher then took a free on the sideline following a foul on Erika, scoring a third goal for the team.

In the dying minutes a short corner was finished off by Sally O’Hara to bring the final score to 4-0, putting a big smile on everyone’s face.

Squad: Grace Creaton Doheny, Ava Kelly, Ella Dowling, Sally O’Hara, Emma Gallagher, Laoise O’ Donovan, Erika Lowe, Orlaith Creavin, Carmen Huidobro,  Suzanna O’ Connor, Lucy Delaney, Sinead Seery.

Lupton CupSecond A hockey

The Bower second year A team also faced off against Grammar on the same occasion in the Lupton Cup, but this time the match was more balanced even though the Athlone girls had most of the possession.

In the first half both teams squandered opportunities to score but the Bower girls were particularly unlucky when Eva Fitzpatrick delivered a superb ball across the circle to the eagerly waiting Roisin Ni Dhuibhir only for the ball to hit the post. Towards the end of the first half the Bower earned a short corner. The supporters went silent as Marian Nolan pushed the ball to Lucia Huidoero, but unfortunately the Sligo defence was just too good.

At the restart the players began to tire and Grammar looked more threatening but a fresh pair of legs in Jane Connaughton revitalised the team, who had numerous shots at goal.

However, it was not to be despite having had almost all of the possession and despite playing most of the match in the opposition’s half. The girls gave it their all and were very disappointed to settle for a draw; however credit must go to the strong Sligo defence which kept them out.

Sweetman Cupsweetman

The third hockey match of the day featured a Sweetman Cup clash between Grammar and the second year B squad. Although the Sligo girls won this game it was a great exhibition of skills and determination from the Bower girls.

In the first half the Bower girls worked the ball down the pitch with some nifty passes, some of them travelling almost the full length of the pitch. They tried to take advantage of their many long corners to pressurise the opposition but the fantastic Sligo defence kept them from scoring.

In the second half the girls gave it their all, running up and down the pitch as if their lives depended on it and again creating many opportunities to score. However it was not to be and a Grammar goal sealed the victory for the opposition.

Squad: Abbey Torpey, Lara Welton, Sile McAuley, Roisin McNamara, Ruby Slevin, Alanna Ni Chuinneagain, Isobel Gallagher, Jessica Henson, Siofra McMahon, Jade Clarke, Ciara Lough.

Report by Marian, Leah, Roisin, Alanna