JK Wildcard James PatriceThere was great excitement in the school on Wednesday, March 13th, as our Transition Years were “summoned” to the meeting room for reasons undisclosed. The purpose of the meeting with Duputy Principal, Ms Beades was kept tightly under wraps. While the majority of the year group were corralled in the meeting room, our Junk Kouture Regional Finalists were getting into their creations, for what they thought was an interview with local radio about their participation in this year’s competition.

As the teams joined their classmates for their “radio interview”, James Patrice bounded into the room with a camera crew in toe, to deliver the news that New Nawiang’s “Bamboo Unity” had received the Western Wildcard and will now compete in this year’s Grand Final.

New joined OLB in August and has displayed wonderful artistic talent in a variety of media – from origami to food 20190401_192321carving and now dress design. Originally from Thailand, her spoken English has been improving in leaps and bounds in the short while she has been in the school. With all the excitement of cameras and cheers, New is very much forgiven for being lost for words when she received the good news.

We now look forward to cheering on three Bower dresses as they take to the 3Arena stage in the Junk Kouture Grand Final 2019.