The vast majority of our students will go on to University or other Third Level Colleges.  The Careers Department supports students in their subject choice, study methods and exam techniques.  The world of work is explored and senior girls have individual meetings with the school’s Guidance Counsellors where future options are considered.  Transition Year students participate in three weeks work experience.  In Personal Development classes, students are assisted in coping with difficulties and anxieties and are helped mature in a positive way.

                            Each year a Study Skills Seminar is held, and all students are invited to make use of the extensive materials available in the Careers Library.  Guidance is also offered in the form of career talks by visiting specialists, career conferences and visits to third level colleges. The Guidance Department publishes a regular Careers Newsletter where all necessary and relevant information is obtained.

In addition to providing Educational and Career Guidance, Guidance Counsellors are professionally trained in the provision of personal counselling.  Students, who are experiencing a personal crisis, can visit the Guidance Counsellor where they are empowered to make decisions, solve problems, change behaviours and resolve issues in their lives. 

The Guidance Department at Our Lady’s Bower aims to provide support for learners to enable them to make informed decisions in their personal, educational and careers choices.

Guidance at Our Lady’s Bower involves having collaborative relationships  between  the Guidance Department, subject teachers, management, all staff and parents.  Guidance begins the moment students enter first year and continues until the student completes school.

In the course of their lives,  students  are faced with the need to make significant decisions that affect both themselves and those around them.

The Guidance Department offers support in three main areas:

1 Educational Guidance

  • Benefits of education, educational opportunities
  •  Support in identifying and exploring life-long learning options.
  • Advice on subject choice & levels, study skills, exam techniques, time management.
  • Psychometric testing to look at aptitudes, interests  and abilities.


2 Career Guidance

  • Help students to plan for the future by enabling them to access careers information and identify their interests and abilities.
  • Advise on suitable employment, training, college courses.
  • Assist in decision making and planning skills.
  • Assist in developing job search skills, CV, cover letter, interview preparation.
  • Assist and advise; we do not make career decisions for you !!



3 Personal Counselling

  • Development in areas such as Developing ‘Self-Concept’, self-esteem, personal responsibility, social skills, influences on ‘me’, personal strengths.
  • Support in awareness of decision-making strategies.
  • Communicating and interacting in a positive and effective manner.
  • Managing conflict in a constructive way.
  • Developing a healthy outlook on life, engage in extra-curricular activities, health & leisure activities
  • Counselling is offered on an individual or group basis as part of a developmental learning process.
  • Provide help for students experiencing difficulties in their lives.
  • Individual counselling in a caring and confidential environment.
  •  Help student so they can make decisions, solve problems, address behavioural issues, develop coping skills and resolve difficulties they may have or help students seek further help.


The Guidance & Counselling service is delivered through classes, group consultations and individual appointments.  Cross-curricular links exist between, SPHE, RE, CSPE, PE and all programmes. The Guidance Counsellors are  also available by appointment to discuss any aspect of career, educational or personal development. Parents  are also welcome to contact the Guidance department.