Dear Parent/Guardian

Please click on the links below to take our ICT and SSE surveys.Β  We thank you for your help.

Parents ICT Survey

Parents SSE Survey

What do I need to have submitted to the school as a new parent?

You will need to have the following:

  • Application Form
  • Subject Choice Form
  • Two signed photographs

What is the school Code of Behaviour?

Our Policy on Code of Behaviour along with other policy documents are available on our School Policy Page.

What do I need to remember in my interactions with the school?

  • In the interest of security, always report to the school office when you come to the school
  • Ensure we have an emergency contact number
  • Notes please for every absence-including if a child needs to leave school early
  • We do not allow pupils to go home to an empty house. Pupils should be collected if going home during the school day.
  • Please drive slowly as you enter the school grounds.
  • What do I do if my child experiences difficulties in School?

Please tell us of any problems your child is experiencing at school, early detection can assist greatly in finding a speedy resolution.

What additional money may I need to account for?

The Items you may need to make financial account for are:Prospect-2019

  • School Fund
  • Locker Money
  • Insurance
  • ID Card
  • Music Fees