Pastoral care is an integral part of the Guidance department but it is approached as a whole school responsibility engaging students, staff and parents alike.

It is a programme which aims to provide a caring supportive school community allowing for the full development of the emerging adult, nurturing talents, fostering self worth and maximising potential.

Pastoral Care Team Responsibilities

Reporting and reviewing the progress of students and identifying any apparent difficulties, and any strategies or interventions that may be required to be put in place.
Liasing with external support agencies and services – Community Guards, social workers
The school maintains a broad curriculum and extra curricular activities to cater for a wide range of individual needs.
The Pastoral Care team consists of Principal, Deputy Principal, Year Heads, Class Teachers, SEN Rep, RE Rep and Guidance Counsellor.

Pastoral Care Team 2017-2018

Mr N Casey

Mr E Hardiman

Ms Aine Seery

Ms Emily Shine

Ms A Beades

Ms K Jones

Ms D Windle