Castletown House

On Wednesday, December 12th, our 5th and 6th year art students travelled to Castletown in Co. Kildare; Ireland’s first and largest Palladian style house. The students are studying Georgian Ireland as part of their Art History and Appreciation course. The 5th years experienced the site with fresh eyes and now have a fantastic foundation from which to appreciate the topic when studied in class. The 6th years, having already studied the theoretical elements of the topic, gained a more in-depth and practical understanding of the features of Ireland’s Georgian architecture and design. They were expertly guided around the site by staff from the OPW. The girls got to put their learning into practice as they were kept on their toes with the guides posing questions throughout. They did not disappoint their art teacher, Mrs Kelly, as they expertly answered these questions and asked many insightful questions of their own. All of the students were captivated by the grandeur and loved hearing the real life stories of the characters behind the development, demise and redevelopment of the estate throughout the centuries. Thank you to the OPW staff who facilitated this fantastic tour.