Congratulations to 6th Year Carla Cooney and 5th Year Aoife McDermott, who participated in the Athlone Soroptimists Public Speaking Competition on November 19th. The Soroptimists aim to educate and empower women and girls. They encourage participation in public life through the development of communication skills and self-confidence.

The local heats saw students from OLB, Athlone Community College, Coláiste Chiaráin deliver a 6 minute speech on topics such as the Human Rights, Health and Friendship and Volunteering. Aoife McDermott spoke very passionately on the issue of human rights, asking the question – Where does equality start and end? Carla brought humour and family anecdotes into her speech which posed the question – Is your Facebook friend your real friend?

Having spoken on their prepared topics, the girls were then tasked with delivering an impromptu 2 minute speech on books. The girls were not fazed by this at all and spoke of their own obsession with books and the power books hold to expand our minds to greater ideas. The adjudicators commended each of the competitors on their performance. Their speeches were thoughtful, well researched, entertaining and highlighted great knowledge. Congratulations to all those who participated. Well done to ACC’s Edel and Eve who progress to the next round, with our own Aoife McDermott being named as reserve.