Student TeamRebecca kicked off proceedings by suggesting the current school system kills creativity and is a kin to fish attempting to swim upstream. Mr Fitzgerald used all the weapons in his history arsenal to highlight how dissimilar school is to a dictatorship. As far as he is aware Mr Casey is no Vlad the Impaler and Ms Beades is no Kim, having never fed any students to her livestock for breaches in required skirt length.

Chloe argued that students are being held back through a syllabus of standardised testing and school may be seen to be a form of brainwashing. Ms McDonnell highlighted that school, as an institution has a set of democratically agreed rules and a contract exists between teachers and students.

Brigid then spoke passionately about how schoolTeacher Team makes students powerless, equating it to Soviet Russia. She questioned why the system has not changed in almost 200 years. Ms Treacy hammered home the point that choice exists in school. The student Council are present to represent and speak on behalf of the student body.

Natasha suggested that the teachers of OLB are occupied with gathering intel and reporting back to their “Queen B”. Ms McMahon then took to the podium and reminded the proposition that their forceful arguments and strongly worded views would never be accepted in any self-respecting dictatorship.

20190517_194512In true democratic style the audience decided with the majority voting for a student win. Well done to all and thank you to Niamh Henry and Zanib Khan who acted as Chair and Time-keeper.