Congratulations to all the Leaving Cert and Leaving Cert Applied students of Our Lady’s Bower, who received their results on Friday, September 3rd. The school community is so proud of each girl and the focused determination they showed throughout their Senior Cycle. The class of 2021 should be proud of all they have achieved over the past two years. Personal goals were set, met and surpassed. The year group were faced with many hurdles during their preparations for the state exams and they have proven their true resilience. They showed wonderful perseverance and resolve with each twist and turn that resulted from COVID restrictions, periods of lockdown and online learning. Each student worked towards reaching her potential and this was very evident on results day.

Outstanding results were attained by the year group, with 70% achieving over 400 points and 41% achieving over 500 points.

Three students, Niamh Corcoran, Isabel Costello and Anna O’Donovan achieved the maximum 625 points. With six students, Veena Dandu, Francesca Di Salvo, Ashling McCarthy, Aoife McDermott, Bree O’Sullivan and Sophie Yang achieving over 600 points.

Congratulations to the members of our Leaving Cert Applied class, Sarah Jane Costello, Emily Halligan, Sandra Mikociak, New Nawiang, Shakira Ward and Shania Ward, who achieved 5 Distinctions and 1 Merit. They worked incredibly hard and embraced every aspect of their course, inside the classroom and during work placement, with a true sense of purpose. They are definite role models for each of our Bower girls and, in particular our incoming LCA group.

Thank you to the parents and guardians who entrusted their daughter’s secondary education to us. The staff of Our Lady’s Bower cherish being a part of their development. We would like to wish the class of 2021 every success as they set out on the next phase of their life’s journey and we are excited for all that awaits you. Go n-éirí an t-adh libh!