img_4319The highlight of the debating year is always the Christmas debate where a past member of the club returns to the school to show off her superior skills acquired in four months of university study! This year Aoife Mannion joined forces with sister Caoimhe as Rudolph to propose the motion that the beloved reindeer should be allowed to retire.img_4287

In their arguments the sisters/reindeers pointed out that Rudolph has been treated badly and has never been allowed to join a union to protest against his extreme working conditions. However, Nuala Commins and Kate Brennan, representing North Pole Inc. argued that Rudolph can never be permitted to retire as physics would suggest that there is no way to replace his lightbulb nose.

img_4298The debate was thrown open to the audience members from fifth and sixth year who were eager to have their say. The crafty Mololuwa was quick to ask whose money was behind North Pole Inc – follow the money! – but the company was not for turning.

A poll of the audience declared the debate a draw. Let’s hope that this hilarious event which gives great scope to the wittiest will remain on the school calendar for a long time.