pub speak 2The much anticipated first year public speaking final for the Nicola Ward Trophy took place on Friday, 18 May in the meeting room. Ten finalists spoke on topics as diverse and topical as elections, honesty, overprotected teenagers and being proud of being Irish.

The worthy winner was Suzanna O’Connor who spoke on the topic ‘Are Elections Really Worth the Effort? while Fiona Zhang and Niamh Jordan were second and third speak 3

The competition was adjudicated by Ms Ethel Lydon and Mr Eamon Higgins who instigated the competition while teaching in the Bower.

All competitors received book vouchers to mark the occasion.


Here is the full list of finalists and their topics:

Niamh Jordan – Laughter is the best cosmetic

Miaya Brill – Honesty is the best policy

Suzanna O’Connor – Are elections really worth the effort?pub speak 4

Kate Mannion – I’m proud to be Irish

Nicole Kelly – Are teenagers overprotected these days?

Fiona Zhang – It’s tough being a teenager – or is it?

Grace Crossen – Rush, rush rush – why?

Amelia Halpin – The joy of being young

Laoise O’Donovan – I’m proud to be Irish

Ava Kelly – The joy of being young

pub speak 5