Artist and photographer Annie Holland recently delivered an eye-opening “People Against Plastic” workshop to our TY students.  The workshop got the girls thinking about the issue of single-use consumerism and society’s over-reliance on plastic. Annie uses art and creativity as a way of starting a conversation about how we as individuals can have a positive impact in relation to this issue. Through the use of displays and film clips the girls learned about Resin Identification Codes, the types of plastics collected by local councils and which items can be most easily made into new products. The girls shared stories about how they use plastic at home and school and this allowed them to become more aware and spot where small changes can be made in their daily lives.

Armed with the theory and new knowledge, the creative element of the workshop began. The girls were asked to bring a selection of single use plastic to school and from this elaborately decorated face masks were designed and created. Annie has extensive experience in creating three dimensional sculpture and expertly guided the girls through the design stage to see their creations completed.

Having created pieces of wearable art, the girls modelled their masks during a photoshoot. Each student was responsible for styling and captioning their own portrait. The class received a beautiful handmade ceramic “Planet Protector” badge and certificate for their work throughout the day.

Thank you to Annie for working with our students. The girls were engaged throughout and loved learning about this important issue in such a creative and innovative way.