IMG-20171123-WA0003All sixth class girls who enrolled with us will be invited to sit the CAT 4 tests on 18 January. These tests will be used to identify strengths and weaknesses which can assist in subject choice and provide information to enable a student reach full potential. These tests will not be used for streaming. The girls will receive a free ticket to this yearโ€™s musical The Little Shop of Horrors.

An Induction Evening will take place on 21 February. The girls will have the results of their tests and can make final decisions regarding subject choice. They will also have an opportunity to meet other prospective first years and their teachers while engaging in a range of fun activities in the kitchen, art room, gym and oratory.

Itโ€™s all about breaking the ice as the transition to secondary school can be stressful, but the emphasis will be on getting to know your surroundings and potential classmates. We look forward to meeting you all.