Congratulations to 1st Year Anna Carroll who last month claimed victory in the Munster Chess Championship. She secured 1st place in the U14 girls’ category and came 5th overall.

Anna started playing chess at the age of eight and joined her local chess club in Ballinasloe. She has since started private lessons online and is currently working with a Belarusian coach to ensure she stays at the top of her game.

Anna has great form at provincial and national competitions, having taken the All-Ireland U12 title in 2021 and finishing 2nd in the U14 All-Ireland competition in April 2022.

Anna completes in online tournaments throughout the year, which allows her to come up against players from all over the world. This experience will surely stand to her for the 2023 season and as she rises up through the age categories in the years to come. OLB is very proud of Anna and looks forward to seeing her next move.