Congratulations to Our Lady’s Bower 3rd Year student Annalisa Cleary, who has just completed a six-week course on Artificial Intelligence at the University of Galway Youth Academy. The Youth Academy works with high ability young people to support their learning and academic development.

Annalisa completed an introductory course on Artificial Intelligence and the main areas that power the technology. AI is a rapidly developing research area in computer science and she was really excited to know more about what has become an integral part of modern-day society, like how Google knows what to suggest when you type in words and how Netflix knows what types of movies to suggest?

Annalise completed in-class exercises using Scratch, Python programming and worked on practical examples of AI at work in the lab. She travelled to Galway University each Saturday alongside 15 other students. She was one of 3 girls on the course. She was first introduced to Scratch and how to convey and relay messages and broadcast and launch the finished project. While using Python she learned how to create a calculator and a game of tic-tac-toe by writing a series of code.

She really enjoyed experiencing learning in a university setting and the teamwork with her classmates.

She is looking forward to further developing her new knowledge on how computers learn and make decisions and how researchers build these services during her Transition Year. Well done, Annalisa