Congratulations to Our Lady’s Bower Fifth Year students, Shauna Jameson and Sarah Skelly, whose Junk Kouture Grand Final 2021 design was selected to be showcased to world leaders at COP27, the UN Climate Summit, in Egypt.

The girls’ design, made from pea pods and fruit and vegetable netting from a local restaurant, was inspired by the rise in waste products in the food industry during the COVID pandemic. The girls also wanted to challenge themselves to make an organic material into a textile.

They could not believe their design had been chosen by Junk Kouture to feature in the Resilience Hub at the summit. They were honoured to be given the opportunity to amplify the voices of the youth. Having participated in the competition the girls are now keenly aware that the fashion industry is the second largest polluter and that this desperately needs to change. They believe that they have proven that vegetables could be a new way forward for textiles and feel this needs to be talked about.

Shauna highlighted that the climate crisis is something that affects us all and the future of our planet is something that she takes very seriously. Sarah loves how Junk Kouture provides a platform to use creativity to shine a light on the importance of sustainability.

All in Our Lady’s Bower are very proud of Shauna and Sarah’s success and thank Junk Kouture for affording the girls the opportunity to have their voices heard on the world stage.