Congratulations to 6th Year Kylie Chen, who has won 1st prize in this year’s Language Pathways National Competition. This year’s theme was “Technology enhances my language learning experience”. The competition invites all language fans to describe their interaction with the use of technology in language learning.

Kylie, a student of French, was tasked with creating an audio-visual recording, presenting and discussing the topic, which not only showcased her language proficiency, but also her digital literacy skills. She compiled a 4-minute video, expertly edited, in which she shared her views as to whether the use of technology in language learning inspires her and which approach engages her most, on-line, in-person or a hybrid. She shared her thoughts on what makes language learning fun, engaging, and exciting.

Judges considered Kylie’s foreign language use, overall communication skills and personal engagement when making their decision. The quality of her production, voice, and vision and the overall content and message it conveyed allowed her to claim the top prize.

Well done, Kylie. All in OLB are very proud of your achievement.