Religious Education has a special place on the timetable.  Group and class Masses and Religious Services are an integral feature of school life.  Our girls’ spiritual welfare is entrusted to the R.E. staff, assisted by the priests of the Parish.

Religious Education Policyrel-crowd

Religious Education is a core subject on the school curriculum and an integral part of the ethos of the school.  All students are expected to attend Religion class. Religious Education follows the Department of Education syllabi for Junior Cycle and Leaving Certificate.

Our Lady’s Bower is a school with a very Catholic ethos; particular attention is given to the Christian tradition. Students will have an opportunity to develop an understanding of the richness and diversity of religious traditions, and the possibility of acknowledging the non-religious interpretation of life, which will contribute to the spiritual and moral development of the young student.




Department Mission Statement

cribThe Religion Department endeavours to transmit knowledge and values which are consistent with the Catholic Christian foundation of the school under the aegis of the La Sainte Union sisters.

We “hold and teach the Catholic faith which comes to us from therel-stain Apostles” and embrace the need for inclusion and acceptance of students of all faiths.  We aim to assist and accompany students on their spiritual journey whilst being aware of our own need for continuing reflection.

We see the transmission of religious knowledge and ongoing catechesis as inseparable and hope that students will be enabled accordingly to develop a rel-bottom-candlesframework of values which will assist in life’s journey.

The school’s motto is “Each for all and all for God

Our school has a long standing association with and membership of Amnesty International, Childrens’ Chernobyl Project and Trocaire.