Sport and Physical Education 

Physical Education is an integral part of the curriculum at Our Lady’s Bower Secondary School.  We recognise that Physical Education has an essential role to play in the holistic development of our students through its spiritual, moral, social and cultural context.  As the Latin phrase states “A healthy body is a healthy mind”. 

Extensive research shows that regular, structured and enjoyable physical activity has an impact both physically and psychologically on our students.  Results in improved muscular and cardio respiratory fitness, improved bone and functional health, as well as reducing the risk of heart disease and diabetes.  In addition to this, it has an immense impact on improving mood, promoting better sleep, improving concentration as well as providing the perfect opportunity for students to make friends and have fun! 

Students are provided with a double class of PE each week.  As part of the Junior Cycle PE Programme, students take part in a broad and balanced range of activities including: 

Strand 1, Health and Well-Being components in the form of Fitness testing, Circuit Training, Step Aerobics, skipping and engaging in the Fyffes Fitness Challenge.    

Strand 2, Invasion Games include Lineball, Basketball, Olympic Handball. Ultimate Frisbee, Soccer, Chinese Soccer, Lacrosse, Netball and Dodgeball.  Divided court games of Badminton and Volleyball.  Strike and Field Activities include Rounders, Danish Longball, Quick Cricket.  Gymnastics looking at floor gymnastics and flight.  Dance for fun, based on ‘Just Dance’.  Outdoor Adventurous Activities looking at Orienteering and problem-solving activities. 

Strand 3, Athletics focusing on Running, Jumping and Throwing techniques. 

As part of the new Junior Cycle programme for Physical Activity.  We have devised a syllabus to reflect the indicators of wellbeing.  Our learning intentions ensure that our students are: Active, Responsible, Connected, Resilient, Respected, and Aware.   

Throughout the year our junior cycle students take part in Interclass league competitions between other classes in their year groups.  These competitions take place at lunchtimes and at the end of year Sports day.  This creates a buzz and competitive fun among students.  Each class have two Sports Captains that help organise and lead their class throughout the year. 

At Senior Cycle we follow the non-examinable PE framework.  We aim to encourage our students to be confident and to take enjoyable and informed participation in Physical Activity while in senior cycle and in their future lives.    

They are involved in Teaching Social and Personal Responsibility through activities like Volleyball, Badminton, Tennis, Yoga and Pilates.    They take part in Contemporary issues like Dance and Gymnastics in the form of Sports Acrobatics.  Sport Education through Invasion Games like Tag Rugby, Soccer, Basketball, Chinese Soccer, Olympic Handball, Lacrosse, Dodgeball and Athletics. 

All our students develop an awareness of their own health and wellbeing by participating in a variety of health and skill related tests, which in turn help them to understand the importance of regular physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle. 

We teach LCPE to our fifth-year students. They are learning about how to achieve Optimum Performance and Contemporary Issues in Physical Activity.    

It is the objective of the PE department to ensure that all our students, no matter their ability, achieve their fullest potential while nurturing a lifelong appreciation and interest in physical activity whether this is as a player, a coach, a manager or as an administrative role. 

Recent Irish research shows that girls who play sport report increased energy levels, confidence and mental wellbeing.  In Our Lady’s Bower there is a vast range of extra-curricular opportunities available to all our students.  We are very proud to be a prominent competitor in inter schools’ competitions in hockey, basketball, gaelic football, soccer, camogie, athletics, volleyball, cross-country running, equestrian events, golf, rowing and swimming.  We have an impressive record of success in these sports at Local, County, Provincial, National and International stages. All students are welcome and encouraged to join our school sports teams. Here is a sample of what we have to offer: 

Extra-Curricular Sport Activities 2022-23 
  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday 



7am-8am Senior A  


(PE Hall)  


All Year Groups  

Interclass League 

2nd Year  

Interclass League 

3rd Year  

Interclass League 

1st Year  

Big Sister Little Sister 

1st & 6th Years  

After- School 


(PE Hall)  


1st & 2nd Years 4pm-5pm  

U-16’s Years 5pm-6pm  

U-19’s 6pm -7pm  


U-15’s and U-17’s  

(Indoor – PE Hall)  






1st&2nd Years  

U-16’s Years 5pm – 6pm  

U-19’s 6pm – 7pm 






1st Years  



All Years  

3.30pm-4.30pm (Marist)  

Dance for Fitness 

1st-3rd Years  


(Fitness Suite)  


2nd Years  


1st Years  


Junior / Senior  



(Meet in Hall @ 3.15pm)  

    Gaelic Football   Gaelic Football      
Lunchtime Fun Activities 
Badminton = Ms. Kenny   Interclass League = Ms. Kenny, Ms. Fallon, Mr. Barrett,  
BSLS (Big Sister / Little Sister) = Ms. Cooney, Ms. Giblin, Ms. Fallon, Ms. Smith, Ms. Madden, Ms. Kelly  
After School Teams 
Soccer = Mr. Barrett, Mr. Coyle   Gaelic Football = Mr. Grady, Mr. Barrett, Ms. Fallon & Ms. Shanley 
Hockey = Gudgie Moran, Ms. Tormey, Ms. Kelly   Basketball = Des O’Reilly  
Tennis = Ms Quilty & Mr. Seoige Mac Craith   Camogie = Mr. Fitzgerald, Ms. Jones, Ms. Finneran  
Volleyball = Ms. Mooney   Dance for Fitness = Claire Jane Kenny (6th Year)  


Our Lady’s Bower has excellent on-site sports facilities which include a state of the art sports hall and fitness suite.  Our extensive PE equipment ensures that we can teach a broad range of activities on our curriculum, and we have teachers with impressive experience, qualifications and purpose.  Our additional facilities have commenced with the upgrading and expansion of additional external sporting features.  This will ensure we can provide a safe and extensive environment in which to undertake various activities throughout our delivery of this essential and fundamental subject.  We look forward to welcoming and supporting your daughter on their personal journey of progression and development.

Have a look through our photo gallery to get a few snapshorts of sport at Our Lady’s Bower: