Transition Year is a special course of academic and vocational training which fully meets the criteria set down by the Irish Department of Education and Skills. The optional fourth year of the six-year secondary school cycle is called Transition Year. (Students are generally aged 16 years)3

The programme is designed to cater for differing aptitudes and abilities and offers each student an opportunity to experiment in a variety of practically and technically oriented subjects. Three sessions of work experience outside the school complete this student-centred approach to learning.

The core of the programme emphasises academic study and self-discipline. The Howard Gardiner Caoimhes-Cakes-at-stand“Multiple Intelligences” theory underpins much of the class work and the teaching methods used.

We welcome students with learning difficulties. Each Student has a personalised timetable with as much integration as is practicable into mainstream classes.

The school continually seeks to support this specially designed curriculum that incorporates literacy and numeracy skills and personal development.

  • Having the TY Programme in a school opens up many opportunities to students which they cannot experience in other years. In Our Lady’s Bower there are approximately 90 students who take the programme. We believe that the programme enables students to mature, to experience new subjects and so to make informed subject choices.
  • Students have to move from the comfort zone of their former classes and make new friends in several different groupings. This is a challenge, but is an essential part of the teamwork involved in many areas of TY.
  • As part of the community service expected in TY girls have to think of others, and this leads them to be aware of society at local and national level.
  • Our TY students have achieved success at national level in the following areas: Young Scientist , Young Social innovators, Young Entrepreneurs, JunKouture (formerly known as Form and Fusion), Briery Gap Drama competition, European commission competition, etc
Over 25 Years of experience1

Our Lady’s Bower introduced the Transition Year option over 25 years ago. It was among the first schools in Ireland to do so. Since its inception as a Pilot scheme the programme has grown steadily until at present, approximately three quarters of our students take this option. We invite a past student to speak on how TY shaped her career at the Options Evening.

There is a co-ordinator, three class teachers and approximately 30 subject teachers in charge of the Transition Year programme.


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